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Karin Laudin

I am a Personal Performance Coach and have trained with The Coaching Academy. My background is having worked as a medical doctor and I have more than 10 years experience as a consultant psychiatrist. This has given me a broad understanding of the strengths, challenges and stresses we face as human beings.

I enjoy working with people and making a difference in the lives of others. Individuals are unique and I have learnt to listen deeply; each of us has our own story, our skills, our triumphs. Working within a team of different professionals has developed in me a strong sense of cooperation and a desire to understand others. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the training of junior doctors and I enjoy being a part of the individual’s development and growth.

I would like to make the world a better place by inspiring others to make positive life changes. I desire to help others have the courage to set and achieve their goals. I value the individual and believe each has unique talents and the potential to be an amazing person. Enriching our lives is for the benefit of all: families, communities, the world we live in. We live in an age of life enhancing knowledge and technology that needs to be shared for the benefit of all.

I am enthusiastic about the people I coach and their dreams and goals. As a coach, this allows me to encourage you as you stretch yourself and reach out for your goal. I am there to remind you of your strengths and the vision you created.

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You know what you want. This may not always be obvious to you but deep down you know. There are all kinds of reasons you may not know what you want or how to get it – no time to think, not daring to dream, not believing you can change, being afraid to change, feeling inadequate, believing other people’s views of yourself or being dragged down by negative experiences.

Coaching is a process of helping you discover what you want to change and how to get there. It helps you determine a time frame for your accomplishments. Coaching is a conversation between the coach and you to catalyse that process. Coaching enables you to put a plan in place to get that new job, improve your relationship, spend more time with the family, have more time for yourself, run 10 miles or a marathon or whatever you want to do. Having a coach will help you to look at the steps you need to take to get there. The coach is not going to advise you or tell you what to do or what

choices to make. The coach is going to use a series of thoughtful questions to get you to tap into your resources. It’s your life, you’ve been there, done that. You have a wealth of experience and resources.

The coach will help you to look at what could be holding you back and what will improve your motivation. The coach will help you to review your past successes and build on these. Underpinning the success of your goals will be your values. Coaching will help you to discover your values and how these fit with your goals .

For me as a coach, this is an exciting position to be in. I have the opportunity to work with individuals who want to start the process of change. I have the privilege of seeing you make amazing discoveries. I have the reward of seeing you making things happen.

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Know your values, set goals that align with your values, live a life that resonates with you.

Let Go

Let go of limiting beliefs, challenge your assumptions, expand your horizons.


Enhance your life. Discover what you want and spend more time doing these things. Prioritise what’s important to you.


Find motivation to achieve that project, make the changes you desire, set a date for that dream and make it happen.


Manage change, choose your direction and how you respond. Recognise your strengths and use these to take yourself in a new direction.


Enhance your wellbeing, manage stress, prevent burnout, live the life you want.



Important information:

  • All packages are flexible, and tailored to work within your schedule.
  • A minimum of 3 sessions must be booked – to ensure good results
  • Each session lasts 50 minutes
  • All sessions include full email support
  • Discount available for 6 sessions or more (in a block booking).


  1. How many sessions will I need?
    How many sessions you’ll need will entirely depend on your requirements. I ask that all clients book a minimum of 3 sessions. As a general rule, most people book 6 sessions or more.
  2. How often do I have to book the sessions?
    The frequency of the sessions is up to you. Initially, you may want weekly or fortnightly sessions, followed by regular monthly sessions.
  3. I work during the day, is this a problem?
    Not at all – I aim to work around your busy schedule wherever possible.
  4. Do you offer personality profiling services?
    Yes. I offer a comprehensive DISC assessment for a set fee. This includes online profile, feedback and discussion.

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