Time for career change?

Time for career change?

Once upon a time there was a child who dreamed of becoming many things. Over the course of time she reacted to events, the opinions of others and opportunities presented and so arrived at her current career. This may be a good outcome although not the great future she imagined. She has become skilled, even an expert, maybe earns a good wage or is respected in her chosen career. As she has grown up, she sees the world differently and the world hasn't stopped changing either. The career she set off on has become something else - perhaps it is dictated to by technology, tick boxes or guidelines which have beome set in stone. Her heart isn't in it anymore and she isn't fulfilling her core purpose or working by her core values. Her chosen career has become a job - one that may be financially rewarding or not but which has now become confining. She feels stuck.


Does life have to be like this? "You have made your bed now lie in it" or worse still, "You knew what you were signing up to."

Actually, no. It was not possible to know with absolute certainty what she was signing up to. The job is no longer the same, the world around her has changed with different demands and expectations. Experience and maturing have shown her what she wasn't expecting, what others neglected to tell her or what she learned the hard way. Who says you have to live life by someone else's script?


There isn't only one chosen career or even a perfect career. Find out how your current career or post could meet your needs better. What is it that your career lacks? What is it that you want to do more of? If you do decide on a change of career, find out what it is that you do want. Don't abandon ship before you know where you are headed for. Think about what you wanted when you were younger, before you chose this career. Consider what drives you - is it creativity, is it being your own boss, is it financial reward, is it making a difference? Acknowledge the skills you have, your strengths and your resourcefulness. Recognise what may be holding you back - it may be fear or believing that it's too late. What or who is telling you that you cannot?


How much do you want to change your life? Imagine what great things may happen if you make this change as opposed to what happens if you do nothing. To begin changing, keep it simple. Begin with one or two things you don't like about your current career. Identify one or two things you like doing in your job. Now consider how you can do less of what you don't want and more of what you do. Let this give you some momentum. Take responsibility for your life - rediscover your creativity, build a vision of your future and discover how you can move forward.


As George Bernard Shaw said,

You imagine what you desire,

you will what you imagine,

and at last,

you create what you will."