What is coaching worth to you? Pablo

What is coaching worth to you?

These days everyone's budget is stretched. Sometimes we don't mind splashing out, sometimes we resent paying bills. There are times when we treat ourselves to a coffee or a meal out, use a credit card on a new outfit or happily book that holiday.

Probably your health is important to you, so you choose carefully what you eat. You may be willing to choose quality over quantity. You pay for that gym membership because it keeps you fit or you buy your winter running or cycling gear because it's worth it.

Sometimes it's easier to spend on family members: you love getting them something they want or choosing a special gift.

What about when it comes to your future? How much are you willing to spend now to improve your knowledge or skills? Your employer may pay for you to go on courses. What if you want to gain new qualifications or skills - would you be prepared to pay for them yourself?

When you plan that once in a lifetime journey, you invest yourself in it. You dream about it, talk about it, spend time researching, getting quotes, thinking about dates and saving. Others may not understand how much it means to you. "You're paying what?!" "How can you spend that much?" "Why are you spending so much time researching?" "You'll have to get visas and vaccinations you know." Yes, you know - it will cost a lot, you will have to pay for those vaccinations, there may be some discomfort getting there, you have thought about travel risks. But it's your dream and it's worth it.

Time is probably our most precious commodity. Take time to dream about your future, to think about what you want, to explore possibilities. What does your future look like? What preparations do you need to make now? What do you need to stop doing so you can focus on what you want in your future? You may have an idea of what you want, where you are headed or you may not.

Coaching gives you the time and space to focus on what you want. Coaching helps you to map out your future.

Your dreams are priceless. So what's coaching worth to you?