Where is your life leading you?

Imagine yourself one year from now.

What are you doing and how do you feel?

You could have a sense of where you are going with your life and be doing what you love. You could be living your values and loving it.

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What is Rising Strong

Rising Strong: yesterday I watched an interview of Brene Brown by Oprah Winfrey (find it on YouTube). Brene speaks about all of us looking for a wholehearted life. We react to pain and make stories to explain it to ourselves. This colours how we react to others. Rising strong is a process: recognising our pain, understanding and learning why we react, then changing our view or as Brene says "turn things upside down so you can't go back." I am looking forward to reading her book "Rising Strong" and seeing how I can apply these principles to my life. To get you started, read her "Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted".

How to be passionate about your goals

What does being passionate mean? It's caring deeply about something, doing something that's worthwhile and meaningful. It's more than just a feeling and can be cultivated as a state of mind.

When it comes to goal setting our goals need to be big. Tony Robbins encourages us to set magnificent goals. Think about what will inspire you: reaching out to achieve something great or doing something that's not going to cost you any effort or energy. When we set great goals we will find the motivation to get there.

The poet Rumi says "The energy of passion is everything!

There are fake satisfactions that simulate passion...

they just distract you and prevent you from the search."


When you want something wonderful and beautiful, don't settle for less. Care about what you are doing and the direction you are going in. Let your passion give you energy. Find those who encourage you, correct you, point you in the right direction and cheer you on. Be wary of those who tell you it can't be done, not to get your hopes up, not to be a dreamer.

When you know what you want, plan how you will do it. Take action. Be passionate about your goal.