Coaching focuses on the future

Coaching gives me a glimpse into your world

I love it when you discover things about yourself and when you find that there are more options than you had thought.

I am there to help you explore why things didn't go to plan. I enjoy it when you tell me your successes.

Where is your life leading you?

Imagine yourself one year from now.

What are you doing and how do you feel?

You could have a sense of where you are going with your life and be doing what you love. You could be living your values and loving it.

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Breathe new life into your career

Many working women will be faced with working beyond the traditional retirement age. For some this may be a financial necessity, for others it will be something they desire to do. Many women will have dedicated themselves to their work and have acquired skills and experience. Whether they have reached the top of their profession or not, they will have invested heart and soul into it. Sometimes it may be difficult to disentangle personal self from professional self. They will have acquiesced to the values of the organisation they work for - sometimes there may be common values but sometimes personal values have had to take a back seat. Much of their identity may be subsumed to that of the organisation or profession they work in. They may have given up their dreams, their creativity, their passion, their ideas. There is a certain amount of security in staying with what is known - the boss/manager/company. But they may have reached a point where they think, "I want something new, I want to do something I believe in, I want a job where I can express myself, where I can be creative." This is an opportunity to change their working life.

If you identify with this, creating a new career is the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Consider the skills you have acquired in the course of your working life. Some of these are transferable to other occupations. Evaluate the talents you have; have you been able to express these in your current occupation? How could you express them in your new career? What dreams did you have in your younger years? Don't rule out acquiring new skills to equip you for a different line of work.

Take stock

Before changing direction, take stock of where you are. Consider what you like about your current work and what you would like to do more of. Contrast this with what you don't like and would like to do less of.

Find meaning

What really matters to you? What will get you out of bed in the morning? How will you make a difference? How will you live your values? If you don't know what your values are, reflect on what is important to you. Have you thought what kind of legacy you would like to leave? When we are young the future stretches out endlessly before us - as we approach the later years of our working life, it dawns on us that time is finite. Let this be something that enables you to focus.

Take things forward

Commit to making changes. If you don't know what you would like to do, find out what may appeal to you. Research ideas, talk to friends and colleagues, read books or articles, consider taster courses/free courses. Importantly, do a reality check. How will your finances be affected? Is there any financial outlay to start with? What other assets do you need - equipment/technology/office space? How will this affect others in your life - your partner/family?

In today's world working life is extended. You may feel you are too young to retire but feel jaded in your current working life or wondering how much longer you can continue like this.

Remember it's never too late to make changes to your life. If you are wanting to continue your working life in a way that gives you pleasure and purpose, consider what changes you need to make. It may be helpful to discuss your issues with someone who is objective. Finding a coach would help you to focus on what you want to do.


"I feel like my career building has been in hibernation"

Have you reached a point in your life where you feel that you are stuck in a rut? Perhaps you used to be excited about your life and career and you worked hard to get to this point. Somehow you don't feel challenged or stimulated and as much as you yearn for change you may be afraid of it.

You may be at a point where you are reevaluating your life. Perhaps you are facing redundancy or retirement, perhaps you have reached a crossroads in your life following crisis, illness or bereavement. You thought you knew what you wanted but now your outlook has changed. You want something different, you want to live your values, you want to live life meaningfully.

Reinvention is looking at the infinite possibilities or the infinite versions of you. Think of a piece of clay - the material is the same but the clay can be a water jug, a plate or pot or something decorative like a vase. Water can take on a myriad of forms - raindrop, crystal, snowflake, stream or ocean. You are unique with your own set of talents, skills and experiences. In essence you are not going to be a different person but you can express yourself in a different way; you can live differently, work differently, take on a different role.

Remember when you were a child and the things you dreamed you would be. Every time you made a decision - knowingly or unknowingly- your path took a different turn. Where do you want to go next? What do you want to be next? Who do you want to be when you continue to grow? Living is learning and maybe curiosity killed the cat but curiosity keeps us alive!

Reinvention coaching (whether with a coach or self-coaching) is an opportunity to take stock of your life and plan the future. You are never too old and it is never too late. What would you like to do next? Who would you like to be next - poet/writer/gardener/entrepreneur/teacher/mover and shaker/candlestickmaker?

Look at what has motivated you in the past. There are things you knew you wanted to do because they were important to you, they gave you purpose. You may have had those who encouraged you or those who told you that you couldn't do it. If the latter, what drove you to achieve?

What's important to you? What values do you live your life by? Is it a need to succeed, to be rich or influential, to lead, to inspire, to help, to provide a service? As life changes your values may change. What was important before may be less important now. How do you want to live your values in the future? When you live the next chapter of your life, what values will you include?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? How do you want to be remembered? Will you be leaving something tangible or intangible? Will you be remembered for the service you provided, the encouragement you gave your students, the customers you cared about, the employees you valued, the famiy you spent time with, the community you changed for the better?

Now is the time to take stock of your life. Look back with kindness; the "retrospectroscope" is a harsh light. At the time you made your decisions back then, you didn't have the information or insight you have now. Life is about developing and maturing. Hopefully it is about developing wisdom too. You may be happy with what you are doing and that's great. You may feel uneasy or discomfited and that's a great place to start. Get in touch with what you love, what you value and what inspires you. There are an infinite number of "yous" so find your purpose and with courage, take that next step.