Making it work, Taking action

In step one you thought about what matters to you, your dream. In step two you looked at out why you want your dream. Step three was about knowing your resources, the stuff you have and the stuff you need. Step four was taking note of the beliefs that help or hinder you and the behaviour that takes you forward. In step five you need to DO.

The magic happens when you start to do things and your life starts to change.

You have your dream. When will it happen by? Do you want your dream job/house/partner by one year? Are you going to run that marathon/start your charity in 6 months? Whatever time scale you have set, break it down into chunks. What will you have done by 3 months/one month/one week?

You know where you are starting from, now you know where you are going and how long it’s going to take you. Remember this is a journey and these are estimates. Your set date may shift – you may find things move forward faster than you anticipated or you may discover it’s going to take longer. Adjustments are okay – it’s important to have a plan and once you get going, changes can be made. If you don’t get started nothing will change and the wonderful things you have planned won’t happen.

What’s your next step?

How will you know if you are making progress? What’s going to indicate how much has changed?

As you are taking action review what you have done. Keep what’s working and look at what hasn’t – what can you strengthen or do differently ?

It’s like driving – you  modify your route and your speed depending on weather and road conditions, on roadworks and diversions.

What obstacles are there?

What happens when you reach something that stops you? Take some time to assess the situation and describe it to yourself or a friend or mentor as accurately as you can.

  • Break the action down into even smaller steps. What would take you forward?
  • Have you lost your focus? Be clear about what you want to do: remind yourself of your dream, have a look at your plan. As you travel on you are changing, your perspective is changing and you may want to review your dream or adjust your plan. It’s your life – you can change what you want.
  • Are you being too hard on yourself or doubting yourself? Check your beliefs – do they help or hinder?
  • What resources do you need? Do you need knowledge/skills/money? What else would help? Who could help?

Don’t panic. If need be, take some time out. Go for a walk, have a laugh, read a book, have coffee with a friend. Sometimes when you stop thinking about an issue it frees your brain to be creative and find a solution.

You don’t have to be the master practitioner/ the expert/ the perfect whatever. You’re on this new journey and you’re learning as you go. It’s not a straight line and it may be uphill or downhill.

Fear may be holding you back. What if you fail? Failure is a learning process – you pick yourself up, you do things differently, you move on. 

Connect with your why, your dream, your purpose to help overcome your fear.  Then take action, it is an antidote to fear.

What if you succeed? What will you be feeling when you make your dream happen?

Recap of the Five Steps to Reinvention

  1. Know what you want, know what really matters to you
  2. Why do you want your dream?
  3. Resources: what stuff or who do you need?
  4. Beliefs and behaviour
  5. Making it work, Taking action

As you take action your confidence will grow. You are beginning to do what matters to you, you are reinventing yourself. You are becoming the person you want to be, living the life you want. There are no guarantees that it will go smoothly – sad things and bad things can still happen – it’s how you cope with them and continue to live that matters.

In the words of Martina McBride,

“I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden

Along with the sunshine there’s gotta be a little rain sometime…”

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Reinvention coaching is helping you to change your life so you spend time and energy on who and what matters to you.