What is reinvention and why should you care?

Reinvention is shaking things up – using the ingredients of your life and making something new. Reinventing yourself is choosing a new way to live and redesigning your life so you do more of what matters to you. Sometimes in the ebb and flow of life, we may have given up on our dreams. Along the way we may have made compromises which have taken us away from our creativity and our heartfelt desires.

Has your chosen career become a job, one that is financially rewarding or not, but which now has become constricting? Perhaps your family has grown up and moved away, perhaps you are considering retirement. The world around us keeps changing and sometimes life events give us a jolt and get us to ask ourselves, “What’s it all about?  What am I doing with my life?” Don’t wait for a crisis, you can change now.

In this 5 part series, I will take you through the steps to help you begin your process of reinvention. Get started by finding out what makes you laugh or cry, what makes you sad or angry, what inspires you, what you want to change. 

Know what you want, know what really matters to you

You may start off thinking, I want a better job/I want a bigger house/I want to travel/I want to write. That’s okay for starters then begin to ask yourself what lies beneath these desires. If you make more money, does this help your family/ does it enable you to be generous to those in need? If you get a better job, how does this improve your life? Does it equip you to work in your chosen field,working with people that you want to assist? Do you want training and skills so you can deliver a better service ? Do you want better working hours so you have more time for your family or yourself?

A useful exercise is to ask yourself three questions:

  • What do I want to be?
  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to have?

Set aside some time and grab a piece of paper or use your phone/tablet. Draw 3 columns and write down your thoughts. Be spontaneous – get your imagination going and what may seem trivial may trigger something important. Once you have your list think about why you want a particular item. Highlight those that stand out or bring up a strong emotion.

What big ideas do you have? What long term plans do you have?

Are your desired changes meaningful? How will they make a difference in your life or the lives of others?

The psychologist Seligman says, “To be happy we need to use our strengths, to serve something bigger than us.”

This leads us to step two. Why do you want it ?

Reinvention coaching is helping you to change your life so you spend time and energy on who and what matters to you.